Thanks to the expertise of our scientific instrument maker Jan-Erik Falck and our workshop manager Mats Grip, you will get help with everything, from test rigs for prototypes to finished products.
We assist you in the development of your ideas and with design, material selection, drawings, assembly, automation and enclosures.

We are unique in the sense that Mats and Jan-Eric have a wide experience of machining and that production takes place in our own machine shop. For special machining and treatment we use our extensive collaborative network.
Our aim is to assist inventors, designers, researchers and entrepreneurs by providing the necessary services. We can produce CAD drawings starting from a sketch on a napkin.

To ensure that we fully meet your requirements for prototypes, drawings or mechanical parts, we offer complimentary consultation (within reason) for the discussion of your ideas, questions and suggestions.

Our business model is at odds with the prevailing practice of “ready-made” drawings and nickel-and-dime pricing – a practice which often hinders the development of new products. Our passion for innovation is boundless.

We are confident that we can satisfy your highest requirements.
The customer should come back – not the product!
Please visit us at Medicon Village in Lund, building 401!

From drawing to prototype